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SafeWear poly-Coated Isolation Gown AAMI Level 2 Blue-Regular (Pack of 10)

Medicom Isolation Gowns Level 2


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Medicom Isolation Gown: The Best Defense Against Infection

In today’s world, safety is of utmost importance. The COVID-19 pandemic has left the entire world in a state of panic, and people have become more conscious about their health and safety. Medicom Isolation Gown is the perfect defense against any kind of infection, and Prochem Supplies Australia is here to provide you with the highest quality at the most affordable price.

What is an Isolation Gown?

An isolation gown is a protective garment used to prevent the spread of infection. It is designed to shield the wearer from any contact with infectious substances, including blood, body fluids, and other potentially infectious materials. Isolation gowns provide protection to healthcare professionals, frontline workers, and patients during procedures that involve the risk of exposure to infectious agents.

The Fabric of Medicom Isolation Gown

Medicom Isolation Gown is made of high-quality non-woven material with PE laminated and elastic cuffs. It offers high fluid resistance and is individually packed for safety and hygiene. These gowns are lightweight, comfortable, and perfect for long hours of use. The fabric of the isolation gown is designed to provide maximum protection against any kind of infection.

Disposable vs. Reusable Isolation Gowns

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world’s attention to the importance of PPE kits. Medicom Isolation Gown is available in both disposable and reusable forms. The disposable gowns are recognized worldwide as standard apparel for the best protection. These isolation gowns are lightweight and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. The reusable gowns were preferred earlier but recently, the disposable gowns have been in much more demand. With the pandemic still raging, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Best Assured Price, Quantity, and Quality

At Prochem Supplies Australia, we take pride in offering the highest quality at the most affordable price. The Medicom Isolation Gown is available in two options: 10 pieces per box or 50 pieces per carton. You can buy isolation gowns online or in-store in the Central Coast and Melbourne.

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