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Food processing facilities are important, as are the food-safe sanitisers that keep those places hygienic. Walk into any food processing unit and see the level of attention and care given to cooking equipment and surface cleaning. 

These chores are done using food-safe sanitisers, which you need for your facility. Prochem has just the products you need. Our sanitisers are graded food safe so you can use them without a second thought. Whether you wish to buy and try a few products first or want to buy food-safe sanitisers in bulk, Prochem can fulfil your requirements! 

Cleaning and sanitising the surfaces, kitchen equipment and other fixtures in your food processing facility is undoubtedly essential. With the right cleaning chemical supplies, you can kill all the bacteria that may cause food poisoning and damage the reputation of your company. Prochem can supply the essential food-safe sanitisers to your place at reasonable prices and quickly. Just tell us your requirements for our commercial cleaning chemicals, and we will put the best options on the table! 

What Prochem Brings To The Table? 

Like all businesses, the food processing industry rely on quality hygiene and cleanliness around their food processing units to ensure they meet high regulatory requirements. You can never get away in this industry without a commitment to cleanliness and proper sanitisation. So why not buy cleaning products from Prochem and make sure everything is right? Have the best commercial cleaning food-safe sanitisers at your facility all the time and you will meet all your hygiene targets easily! 

Your staff will thank you and your clients will appreciate the efforts. Not only that, but when you emphasise hygiene and cleanliness, the Food Authority will never trouble you while giving your business the official tick of approval. You can focus on your business and food processing facility without getting distracted repeatedly. 

That’s why Prochem should be your #1 supplier of food-safe sanitisers in Australia. We can supply food-grade surface cleaning products to you in just a few days. That’s how quick and dedicated we are to making your business and life better!

Expertise and Value

Every food processing facility needs to find the right balance between sanitisation and value for money.

Prochem can help put together the right product for the right purpose, at the right price without compromising on any food standards.

Making Cleaning Effective and Easy

Working with our partners at DEMA, we can help get cleaning done seamlessly and effectively without compromising on your standards – regardless of the size of your facility.

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