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Control Infection and transmission

The current pandemic situation across the globe demands agility and carefulness from everyone. It is important to be alert and make sure you are limiting the spread and transmission of the virus. Using non-alcohol disinfectant wipes can help rapidly kill bacteria and viruses. It also provides the required residual barrier and cleans the surface optimally. It is one of the best tools to decrease cross-contamination.

Clean spills and messes with Medical Grade Disinfectant Wipes

Medical grade disinfectant wipes are one of the most vital elements that ensure optimum hygiene level. These disinfectant wipes can be used on any hard and non-porous surface for rapid disinfection. It helps you to decontaminate the surface and eliminate the deposit of pathogens and bacteria. It also helps you efficiently clean surfaces, getting rid of any dirt as well as stains. Several healthcare and hospitality service providers use them to clean the surface and stop the infestation of harbouring germs and microorganisms.

Our Medical Grade Disinfectant wipes are available in a pack of 100 wipes and are reasonably priced. They are available in compact and sleek packaging making it ideal for use even on the go! Now you can carry these wipes wherever you go for rapid cleaning and disinfection.

Here are some of the striking features of our Medical Grade Disinfectant Wipes:

  1. Single-Use: Since our medical-grade disinfectant wipes are disposable and are meant for single use only they help to limit cross-contamination. You can easily dispose of them after use. The kill time of these wipes is incredible. They can help you to quickly disinfect surfaces with minimal effort.
  1. Can be used around patients: The non-alcohol disinfectant wipes can be used around patients having respiratory issues. These wipes do not have aerosol like those in spray cleaners and hence does not provide any inconvenience to patients at any time.
  1. Quick Cleaning: The disinfectant wipes are handy and can be used efficiently for quick cleaning. Now you need not hunt for cloth or other cleaning material to get rid of dirt, mess, or spills. You can easily clean the surface with the help of our superior quality disinfectant wipes.
  1. Efficient Sterilisation: The disinfectant wipes are of great use for places where a sterile atmosphere is a requisite. It ensures full disinfection. It is a convenient and apt solution to reduce cross-contamination.
  1. Can be used in Common areas: Since common areas are accessed by many people, they are more vulnerable to infection. Use Medical Grade Disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces such as workstations, desks, rooms, and high touch areas such as elevators and railing. That way, you can help disinfect the surfaces many get in contact with and limit contamination. 

Prochem Supplies Australia offers some of the best quality non-alcohol disinfectant wipes. Our wipes are a great medium to limit the transmission of bacteria and assure utmost sanitation. Now stay safe even while you are at home or work with our compact medical grade disinfectant wipes.

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