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Health and hygiene are of prime importance. It is essential to take utmost care of the same to ensure the overall protection of the family. Using hospital-grade antibacterial wipes is critical in ensuring the complete removal of pathogenic organisms and bacteria. It not only helps someone clean a surface but also makes sure there is no bacteria or viruses that survives after a clean. Medical Antibacterial wipes act as a disinfectant. Prochem Supplies Australia understands the value of hygiene and therefore, we strive to provide some of the best products that fit your workplace and sanitation requirements, to help you always maintain the highest level of hygiene.

Our hospital-grade antibacterial wipes are tested in some of the leading laboratories of the country and meets all the quality parameters. They are crafted with utmost precision. Only a single swipe with one of these medical antibacterial wipes can help you get rid of any bacteria or germ.
Here are some of the advantages of using our hospital-grade antibacterial wipes

Easy to use: One of the most prominent and major advantages of our medical antibacterial wipes is their ergonomic design. Some of the experts in this field thoughtfully design our antibacterial wipes. They are very easy to use. All you need to do is just take a wipe and swipe it across any surface.

On the GO!: If you are an avid traveller, these wipes are surely what you need. The compact packaging and sleek design make it easy to use even while you are outdoors and on the go! All you need to do is just pull out the wipes and sanitise the desired objects. Many people do this with new objects they purchase while shopping.

Safe to use: Our antibacterial wipes do not contain any harmful chemicals. You can use them on any body part. The chemicals and disinfectants in our antibacterial wipes are all clinically tested and are safe on your skin. They do not cause irritation, itching, rashes etc. However, if your skin is ultra-sensitive it is recommended to perform a patch test and rub a wipe in a small area of your body before using them. We recommend the inside of your elbow.

Meets Australian guidelines: Our hospital grade antibacterial wipes comply thoroughly with all the standard ADA guidelines.

Works on Multiple surfaces: The hospital-grade antibacterial wipes can be used on all types of surface including wood, acrylic, glass, plastic, metal, fibre, ceramic etc.

Rapid Disinfection: The antibacterial wipes from Prochem Supplies Australia are apt at fast disinfection and decontamination. These wipes can be used to ensure the surface that you are contacting is not contaminated nor has any bacteria infestation.

Finest quality hospital grade antibacterial wipes
Prochem Supplies Australia is one of the finest suppliers of branded medical antibacterial wipes. We have an experience of over ten years in this industry. We strive to bring you products that are superior in quality and that meet all the quality parameters. All our products adhere to Australia health and hygiene guidelines and aim at providing the utmost comfort and safety to the user.

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