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In an aged care home, one of the most overlooked areas are the floors throughout the facility. As the home of the elderly and infirm, poor and slippery flooring poses hazards and risks for both residents and staff. Aged care flooring solutions are available to protect existing flooring surfaces and further extend its useful life, without compromising on slip standards. 

The Complete Floor Care Solution

Prochem has been the leading cleaning chemical supplier in Sydney for the last 20 years. We have always sourced and recommended premier aged care floor sealers to our customers, believing in the value of quality over cheaper alternative. 

Dr Schutz is the latest aged care flooring solution that has entered Australian market, where it has proven to extend the life of floors, especially in heavy trafficked aged care floors. Dr Schutz eliminates the need for stripping and resealing, reducing significant labour costs and environmental impact. 

Dr Schutz polyurethane-based floor sealers is warranted to last for a minimum of 3 years in commercial environments, often used as an alternative to a complete floor remake. By remaking a complete new floor at less than half of the cost of replacement, Dr Schutz is extremely popular choice in healthcare, childcare and aged care environments. 

Costs Savings & Value:

  • 50% cheaper than replacing the floor
  • Day-to-day cleaning becomes noticeably easier and less expensive
  • High resistance to chemicals and disinfectants (compliant to DIN 68861)
  • Especially hygienic due to sealed joints, which prevents bacteria forming (MRSA)
  • Meets and exceeds HSE slip resistance guidelines of low risk for floors according to BS 7976-2 (SATRA Report). Also R9, R10 and R11 compliant according to DIN 51130 and fire resistance classification (EN 13501-1)
  • Suitable for chairs with castors (compliant with DIN 14085) and suitable for wet areas (compliant with DIN 51097)
  • Effective long term protection against wear and abrasion

Peace of Mind – Business, People and Environment

  • Not tearing out old floors means no dirt or noise
  • Minimal business interruption, as renovation is possible in 1-2 days
  • No disposal of old floors means saving resources (water, energy) because there is no need for regular strip cleaning
  • All PU sealers produce very low emissions (EC 1 R), the cleaners are fully biodegradable
  • Also suitable for food areas and children’s play areas

Modern Design & Customisation

  • Whether it is an assembly hall, cafeteria or foyer – a floor remake rooms can be modernised, refashioned and shine in their new design. All this without having to lay a new floor. 
  • With practical and creative icons and symbols, you can guide your visitors intuitively through the building. 
  • Applying a logo also improves the outlook and presentation of the building, creating positive impressions for visitors and soon to be residents. Instructive and varied motifs bring fun to the floor. Field marking in sports hall, route guidance in aged care homes or symbols like coats of arms in town hall are real eye-catchers in modern public facilities, guiding your visitors intuitively through the building. 
  • Old washrooms can tarnish the appearance of a public building. Even glazed and polished stone and tiled floors can acquire a new look with floor remake. 

Over the years, we have partnered with Peerless Jal to provide products that have been specially designed for floor care. Their vast range of innovative floor care products, training and expertise makes them the simple choice when deciding which products to use for that impressionable finish. 

For a successful floor care program, there are 3 product stages that needs to be considered:

  1. Floor preparation
  2. Floor finish
  3. Floor maintenance/cleaning product and equipment

Contact Us to organise an obligation-free consultation with a Peerless Jal representative to get the most appropriate floor care systems for:

  • Timber Flooring
  • Concrete and Hard Stone Flooring
  • Hard and Resilient Floors
  • Timber Decking

Peerless Jal Hy-Series

Peerless Jal Hy-series is a technology where acrylics and urethanes are intimately mixed and mutually polymerised in an aqueous dispersion.For the first time, a full range of waterborne hybrid technology coatings for a wide variety of substrates. Featuring advanced technologies that eliminate solvents that pose a risk to you and cause damage to your environment.

Prochem Special Products

At Prochem, we have developed a series of highly innovative products to address some of our customer's most common concerns. Keeping to our ethos of value for money, we want to share with the world our range of unique products for everyday use.
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