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Weedout – No Glyphosate, Natural Organic WeedKiller
After years of extensive research and careful implementation, Prochem has the perfect weed killer for your gardens and pavements. Developed locally in Sydney, WeedOut is an organic weedkiller that contains no glyphosate. Its fast acting by dehydrating the plant, without leaving any nasty residue.

Weed out – The Perfect Solution

Weed Out is a natural, fast acting weedkiller made of naturally occurring additives. It dehydrates unwanted weeds from the top down, resulting in browning and wilting within hours! Try our strong weed killer, Weedout this summer and see the results yourself!

Ingredients Used

The natural formulation is glyphosate free to ensure you get maximum effectiveness without the harm. It provides effective control for both annual and perennial weeds, including milk thistle and a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds including couch grass, kikuyu, and paspalum. Perennial weeds may require multiple reapplications to prevent growth.
Get your garden summer ready, faster with WeedOut.

Weed out & its staggering benefits

Prochem has developed a unique and an extraordinarily strong weed killer in the form of WeedOut. Thousands of customers have bought this product from us and loved the following benefits.

Unlike other popular herbicides, WeedOut is derived from organic chemicals, a safer alternative for children and pets.
It’s totally free of glyphosate. With numerous media reports about the potential carcinogenic hazards of glyphosate, you can now look forward to keeping your garden and home tidy without any worries.
Not only can you use it for your private lawn but can also use it in public places as well.
Fast Acting – browning and wilting will appear with hours of application of the strong organic weed killer.
Long Lasting Impact – eliminate weeds around your garden, pavements and driveways with up to 3 months of no weed growth.
Experience Sydney’s secret weedkiller this summer!

Where Can I Use It?

Around Your Home: Anyone who wants to get rid of excessive weed around their house can use this product. Safe around children and pets.

Around Your Community: Many commercial buildings and public places face the problem of uncontrolled patches of weed and grass. You can use WeedOut to remove weed off the footpath, parking lot, etc, without much effort.

Around Your Farm: Many farmers must get rid of weed in and around their farm. And our product is the safe and strong weed killer they need.

Dilute 1-part Weed out to 1-part water into a garden sprayer and spray directly onto weeds.
Active constituents: 180g/L Acetic acid, 80g/L Sodium chloride.

Australian Made and Owned.

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