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Buy Isolation Gowns at the most affordable price

In 2020, disposable isolation gowns have become the new cape of superheroes. Our healthcare workers who have pledged to serve mankind from this pandemic rely on these solely rely on PPE like isolation gowns, face shields and masks to protect them. It does not matter if you are not a doctor or a nurse. If you can help stop the spread of the virus, you are making a big contribution to the fight against COVID-19. You can buy isolation gowns online or purchase them from stores as well. We offer the best rates for Isolation Gowns in the Central Coast and Melbourne.

Disposable Isolation Gowns shields you from COVID-19

A lot of people are placing orders for isolation gowns online. The demand is simply on the rise. Let us explain how disposable isolation gowns can prevent the entry of germs. The following three elements are required for the transmission of any infection:

  • A source or agent of infection
  • A host
  • Mode of transmission

A PPE kit or isolation gown if used properly are able to curb the transmission process. Standard certified isolation gowns in Melbourne are easily available through ProChemials. Place your order now.

The Fabric of Isolation Gowns

When you intend to buy isolation gowns online it is advisable to check the quality of the fabric. These precaution gowns are available in both reusable and disposable forms. For Disposable Isolation Gowns at the most affordable and highest quality, contact us. We use:

  • Non-woven material with PE laminated
  • Elastic cuffs

Our gowns offer high fluid resistance. Each gown is individually packed with the utmost safety and hygiene practices.

Best assured Price, Quantity and Quality

Prochem Supplies Australia does not only offer the highest quality but also good quantity at the most affordable price per gown, offering the best value. You can either buy a box or cartons of isolation gowns online. Each apparel weighs about 150 g. The two options are

  1. 10pc/box
  2. 120pc/carton

The price ranges from $84- $995. For ultra-soft and comfortable isolation gowns in the Central Coast, visit our website. These gowns are in high demand, even in places other than the healthcare sector. Wherever there is high public exposure, it is better to use PPE kits.

Disposable Vs Reusable Isolation Gowns

Disposable Isolation gowns are recognised worldwide as standard apparel for the best protection. So even if you pass or stay in the vicinity of germs, your body stays immune to the transmission process. Previously reusable gowns were preferred. However, recently the former is in much more demand. These isolation gowns are lightweight. Thus, making it highly comfortable for the wearers. The disposable nature eliminates all chances of cross-contamination. You cannot take risks in the pandemic era. Visit our website and buy isolation gowns online today.

For superior Isolation Gowns in Melbourne contact us

We at Prochem Supplies Australia aim at delivering superior isolation gowns in the Central Coast and adjoining areas at unbelievable prices. Our goal is to offer a helping hand to the live saviours of our nation with our supplies so we can quash the epidemic. For unmatched health care resources and quality disposable isolation gowns contact us.

Prochem Special Products

At Prochem, we have developed a series of highly innovative products to address some of our customer's most common concerns. Keeping to our ethos of value for money, we want to share with the world our range of unique products for everyday use.
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