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2×1.2L Purell Antiseptic Hand Foam

Purell 5391-02 Antiseptic Hand Foam Sanitiser


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Introducing PURELL? Antiseptic Hand Foam, the dependable and potent hand sanitizer that effectively safeguards against the majority of common germs that can lead to illness. With its 1.1 mL efficacious dose containing 72% v/v absolute ethanol, this powerful defense provides individuals and businesses with a paramount focus on cleanliness and health.

At the heart of PURELL? Antiseptic Hand Foam lies its distinctive feature: a luscious and dense foam. This exceptional formulation ensures effortless application and uniform distribution over the skin, facilitating comprehensive coverage of every nook and cranny of the hands. By guaranteeing thorough disinfection, this hand foam delivers complete protection against harmful germs, offering peace of mind in maintaining optimal hygiene.

Recognizing the importance of skin health, PURELL? Antiseptic Hand Foam is enriched with skin conditioners. These nourishing agents play a crucial role in preventing skin dryness and irritation?a common concern when using hand sanitizers frequently. The inclusion of skin conditioners in the formulation ensures that hands remain soft, supple, and moisturized, even with repeated use.

Elevating its value as an eco-conscious choice, PURELL? Antiseptic Hand Foam is crafted with 100% naturally renewable ethanol. This sustainable sourcing contributes to reducing the environmental impact associated with hand sanitization. Additionally, the biodegradable formula ensures that the product does not harm the ecosystem when properly disposed of. Recognized for its commitment to environmental and health standards, PURELL? Antiseptic Hand Foam proudly carries the esteemed certification of Ecospecifier Global GreenTag?. This independent assessment affirms the product’s adherence to rigorous environmental and health criteria, providing consumers with the confidence that they are choosing a safe and environmentally friendly option.

Addressing contamination concerns, PURELL? Antiseptic Hand Foam boasts the innovative SANITARY SEALED? refill system. By effectively sealing the product until its intended use, this ingenious system significantly reduces the risk of exposure to germs and other harmful substances. The airtight seal safeguards the purity and integrity of the hand foam, ensuring optimal hygiene and providing an added layer of protection against contamination.

Whether in healthcare facilities, hospitality settings, office environments, or personal use, PURELL? Antiseptic Hand Foam stands as the epitome of reliability and effectiveness. Its advanced formulation, featuring a thick and luxurious foam, ensures convenient and thorough application, enveloping the hands in a shield of germ-fighting power. With the inclusion of skin conditioners, this hand foam not only safeguards health but also promotes skin well-being, mitigating dryness and irritation that can arise from frequent sanitizer use.

Moreover, PURELL? Antiseptic Hand Foam’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its eco-friendly composition, utilizing 100% naturally renewable ethanol and a biodegradable formula. With the esteemed certification of Ecospecifier Global GreenTag?, customers can trust in the product’s environmental responsibility and safety.

To top it all off, the SANITARY SEALED? refill system ensures that PURELL? Antiseptic Hand Foam remains uncompromised, untouched by contaminants until it is ready to be used. This innovative approach guarantees the highest level of cleanliness and protection against harmful germs and substances.

Choose PURELL? Antiseptic Hand Foam for its unwavering dedication to cleanliness, efficacy, skin health, environmental responsibility, and contamination prevention. Embrace the superior hand sanitization experience and join the countless individuals and businesses that have made PURELL? their trusted partner in hygiene and wellness.

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