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Methylated Spirits


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Industrial Methylated Spirits, also known as denatured alcohol or methylated spirits, is a transparent, colorless liquid that finds widespread application in numerous industrial sectors as well as in household settings.

The inherent versatility of methylated spirits makes it a staple in many industries, while its accessibility has led to its frequent use in households. Notably, it possesses a boiling point of 78 ?C and a flashpoint of 11 ?C. The term “denatured alcohol” refers to the presence of a denaturant, rendering the liquid unfit for consumption. The inclusion of the denaturant is pivotal, as without it, the product would be categorized as normal alcohol, safe for consumption.

In terms of cleaning and household applications, methylated spirits serves as an effective window cleaner and a paint cleaning agent. However, its uses extend far beyond household chores, finding utility in various industrial and DIY (Do It Yourself) settings. One such application involves oil extraction. While Industrial Methylated Spirits can be employed for this purpose, it is important to conduct thorough research regarding the processing and safety aspects. It is crucial to note that Food grade Industrial Methylated Spirits necessitates a license and is not part of our product inventory.

Additionally, Industrial Methylated Spirits finds favor as a fuel source for heaters. These versatile heaters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They exhibit clean burning properties, leaving behind minimal fumes or black marks. Moreover, any residual alcohol smell is dissipated during the heating process, ensuring a pleasant and odor-free environment.

Furthermore, Methylated Spirits can be effectively utilized as rubbing alcohol when appropriately diluted to a concentration of approximately 65-70%. Dilution serves to reduce its harshness on the skin and prolongs its evaporation, making it more conducive to bacteria eradication. Although higher strength solutions evaporate more rapidly, a 70% concentration may be preferable in cases where the objective is to eliminate bacteria, as it affords longer surface time, allowing for enhanced germ-killing potential.

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