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3M 9501+ KN95 Masks

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3M Face Mask 50/Box


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About The Product

?Adjustable nose clip, soft inner shell, smooth against the face
?Spacious and durable
?Ideal for mechanically generated particles, nuisance level of organic vapours and agricultural type chemicals with low vapour pressure, spraying pesticide, herbicide and fungicide
?Function: dustproof, anti-virus, anti-odor; breathing resistance is small, comfortable to wear; breathable, smooth breathing; Filtration rate of not less than 95%

2 Face Mask/Packet
25 packets/Box
50 masks/Box

The best KN95 mask supplier in Central Coast

Everyone is trying to save themselves from this pandemic with the help of high-quality N95 masks. Prochem Supplies Australia is the best supplier of KN95 masks made out of premium quality materials in the Central Coast. A highly protective mask that has numerous benefits too. The comfort that you can get out of the product, as well as the protection it offers, is highly commendable.

Comfortable KN95 mask
The material by which these KN95 masks are made makes a huge difference. It is a common myth that masks come with discomfort. Our KN95 masks are made using soft materials that will not harm the skin and offers great levels of comforts.

High-class protection offered by our KN95 mask
Of course, ProChemical has the best product in place. The mask’s primary duty is to prevent you from infection and allow proper breathing. This KN95 mask offers the following benefits.

  • It provides 95% filtering efficacy
  • The faster donning and doffing is easy with our KN95 masks
  • The fabric band without any discomfort adds an advantage to these face masks

Prochemicals? KN95 mask is for adverse conditions

This face mask is designed in such a way that it offers maximum protection. You can use this in adverse weather conditions and you will stay comfortable. This KN95 mask Central Coast is made as a comfort fit during hot and humid conditions too.

Ease in breathing
Our face masks are designed in such a way that it protects you from airborne bacteria and viruses. Also, it has the nose foam that can steadily fit your face and also comes with flexibility so that you can wear it with glasses too. Our KN95 mask available in the Central Coast is greatly known for its flexibility and that offers you the freedom to work.

Design of our KN95 mask

The flat-fold design of the mask is commendable, that storage is easy. The compact nature of the KN95 face mask allows you to carry some spares with you anywhere. The ear loop is designed perfectly so that it does not irritate your ear lobes too.

KN95 mask can prevent you from Pollution

Air Pollution is a major concern these days. With the effectiveness of KN95 mask, you can wear this even in a crowded and dusty environment and be able to breathe through the thick pollution easily. Further, during the pandemic, the KN95 mask is known as the ideal standard to protect one?s self from the virus.

Breathing resistance of our KN95 mask is wonderful

The mask is named for its comfort. So, while it offers the best protection, KN95 masks will best allow you to breathe comfortably too. This is not found in many of the masks available in the Central Coast area. Making this mask stand out.

With the environment getting polluted day by day, it is highly suggested to wear a KN95 face mask to save your lungs from many respiratory diseases especially if you live in a heavily polluted area. With the number of coronavirus cases increasing day by day, it is highly recommended to use PPE every time you go out.

We are one of the best face masks suppliers in the Central Coast region. Contact Prochem Supplies Australia today to avail the latest offers and deals.

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