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Scourer 3M Scotch Brite No 88

SKU: 70007001194

3M Scotch Brite Pots and Pans Qty 10


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About The Product

Scotch Brite extra heavy-duty scouring pad. Made of a fiber and resin blend, this scouring pad works quickly to take off stubborn or burned-on stains. Scotch Brite? scrub pads won’t splinter, rust, or break apart like stainless steel scrubbers, so they last longer and are more economical. Constructed in an open, breathable mesh pattern for easy cleaning, this thick, 3M? Scotch Brite? extra heavy-duty scouring pad has been certified by the FDA’s HACCP International as “Fit for Purpose” and “Food Safe.”
Removes stubborn burned or baked-on food from cooking equipment
Extra heavy-duty scouring pad
Fiber blend won’t rust or break
HACCP-certified as “Fit for Purpose” and “Food Safe
Each pad measures 5″ x 3-1/2”

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