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SC351 Scrubber/Dryer, includes:

  • On Board Charger
  • Optima D34 Battery*
  • Prolene Brush
  • Squeegee Blade Kit

Nilfisk SC351 Compact Walk Behind Scrubber/Dryer


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Bid farewell to the traditional mop and embrace the revolutionary Nilfisk SC351 compact walk-behind Scrubber/Dryer. This innovative machine transforms floor cleaning, delivering exceptional performance in a compact, convenient package.

With a robust scrubbing pressure of 27 kg in both forward and backward directions and a 370 mm brush diameter, the Nilfisk SC351 excels in various cleaning applications. Perfect for hotels, schools, small shops, offices, canteens, or coffee shops?this machine is up to the challenge.

Drawing from a century of Nilfisk traditions, the SC351 brings next-generation performance and reliability to cleaning equipment. Rely on the brand’s expertise for superior cleaning results with this compact walk-behind scrubber/dryer.

The SC351 facilitates daytime cleaning in noise-sensitive areas with its low noise level, ensuring minimal disruption. Its easily adjustable deck guarantees optimal traction control for smooth, efficient operation on diverse floor surfaces.

Customize the cleaning process with adjustable water flow on the Nilfisk SC351, meeting your specific needs. Maintenance is quick and straightforward, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

The clear recovery lid allows easy inspection and function control, enabling a swift assessment of the machine’s performance. The ergonomic, adjustable, and foldable handle ensures effortless transport and compact storage, providing convenience during downtime.

Designed for tight spaces and narrow hallways, the compact Nilfisk SC351 navigates with ease. Roller bumpers ensure efficient cleaning near walls, leaving no spot untouched.

The real two-tank system optimizes water management for efficient cleaning results. The Elastic Strap System simplifies squeegee blade installation and removal, streamlining maintenance.

Monitor the battery status with the battery level indicator, allowing you to plan cleaning sessions and avoid unexpected interruptions. Backed by a one-year commercial warranty, the Nilfisk SC351 provides peace of mind, assuring quality and durability. Say hello to a new era of floor cleaning efficiency.

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