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  • Scrubs and dries in one pass, giving fast access to cleaned areas
  • Two solution flow settings for efficient cleaning and LED indicator when tank is empty
  • Tank in tank design for easy empty/refill even in a low clearance sink
  • Low deck profile and offset for cleaning of difficult to reach areas
  • All machine functions stop in upright position, eliminating solution spill and protecting floors
  • Ideal for retail, restaurants, convenience stores, fast food outlets, hotels and in-home cleaning
  • One year commercial warranty

SC100 Scrubber/Dryer Full Package; includes:

  • Detachable cord – 10 metres
  • Hard Floor Squeegee Kit
  • Cylindrical Brush
  • Manual Vacuum Hose
  • Carpet kit (includes brush and squeegee)

Nilfisk SC100 Electric Upright Scrubber/Dryer


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The Nilfisk SC100 Electric Upright Scrubber/Dryer is a cutting-edge cleaning solution designed to provide fast and effective results in various environments. With its innovative features and user-friendly design, this machine revolutionizes the way you clean. From retail spaces and restaurants to convenience stores and hotels, the Nilfisk SC100 is the perfect choice for achieving spotless and hygienic floors.

One of the standout features of the Nilfisk SC100 is its ability to scrub and dry in a single pass, offering quick access to cleaned areas. This feature saves valuable time and allows for efficient cleaning in high-traffic areas. With just one movement, the machine thoroughly scrubs the floor surface and then efficiently dries it, leaving behind a spotless and dry floor ready for immediate use.

To enhance cleaning efficiency, the Nilfisk SC100 offers two solution flow settings. This allows you to adjust the solution flow according to the level of dirt and the cleaning requirements of different areas. Additionally, an LED indicator alerts you when the solution tank is empty, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning operations and preventing any downtime.

The tank-in-tank design of the Nilfisk SC100 makes emptying and refilling a breeze, even in low-clearance sinks. This feature simplifies the maintenance process, allowing for quick and hassle-free tank management. You can easily remove and refill the solution tank without any spills or mess, ensuring a seamless cleaning experience.

With its low deck profile and offset, the Nilfisk SC100 enables efficient cleaning of difficult-to-reach areas. The machine effortlessly reaches under furniture, fixtures, and other obstacles, ensuring comprehensive cleaning in every nook and cranny. No more leaving dirt and grime behind in hard-to-access spaces?the Nilfisk SC100 guarantees a thorough and consistent clean throughout your facility.

A unique feature of the Nilfisk SC100 is that all machine functions stop in the upright position. This eliminates the risk of solution spillage, preventing damage to floors and ensuring a safe working environment. You can confidently move the machine from one area to another without worrying about accidental leaks or wet spots.

The Nilfisk SC100 is an excellent choice for a wide range of industries and applications. Its versatility makes it ideal for retail spaces, restaurants, convenience stores, fast food outlets, hotels, and even in-home cleaning. Whether you need to maintain the cleanliness of high-traffic areas or ensure pristine floors in customer-facing environments, this machine is up to the task.

To provide peace of mind, the Nilfisk SC100 comes with a one-year commercial warranty. This warranty reflects Nilfisk’s commitment to delivering a high-quality product that meets your cleaning needs and withstands the demands of commercial use. You can rely on the Nilfisk SC100 to provide consistent performance and durability, backed by the assurance of a comprehensive warranty.

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