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Top Gun | Premium Dishwashing Liquid


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Get ready to revolutionise your dishwashing with Top Gun, the ultimate concentrated dishwashing liquid! Packed with advanced technology that cuts through grease and grime like nobody’s business, leaving your dishes spotless and gleaming. Stubborn stains won’t stand a chance! 

Top Gun: A little goes a long way! Our concentrated formula means you only need a squirt to get the job done, making it a great choice for both home and commercial kitchens. Experience the difference with Top Gun and enjoy sparkling clean dishes with minimal effort! 

  • Cuts through grease like a champion. 
  • Concentrated formula for maximum effectiveness. 
  • Leaves dishes sparkling clean and residue-free. 
  • Perfect for both home and commercial kitchens. 
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting. 

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12x1L, 20L, 5L

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