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Cyclone | Auto Dishwashing Detergent


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Cyclone, the ultimate solution for all your dishwashing needs. Designed specifically for commercial applications, this concentrated detergent delivers unparalleled cleaning power. Its unique formulation includes a destainer, descaler, and hard water softeners, ensuring that even the toughest grime and scale are effortlessly removed. Whether you’re dealing with heavily soiled pots and pans or maintaining a pristine kitchen environment, Cyclone is your go-to product. 

With Cyclone auto dishwashing detergent, you can say goodbye to hard water stains and residue. The integrated scale inhibitor prevents the buildup of limescale, prolonging the life of your dishwashing machine and enhancing its efficiency. This auto dishwashing liquid is perfect for professional kitchens and offers exceptional value and performance. Trust Cyclone to keep your dishes spotless and your kitchen appliances in top condition. 

Key Features 

  • Concentrated Formula: High-strength detergent that ensures thorough cleaning with every use. 
  • Destainer and Descaler: Effectively removes tough stains and prevents scale buildup. 
  • Hard Water Softeners: Suitable for use in areas with hard water, ensuring optimal performance. 

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